We are in the age where we can do practically everything online or from our phones. My wife recently started to sell some items online that are no longer needed. She was very excited but did not know about the dangers of selling online. Here are some safety tips you can when posting and selling your items online.

Meet at a public place or even a police station: This adds a layer of security knowing someone else is there. Also, let someone else know you are selling something so they can keep an eye out for you.

Try the product…

There are so many things with technology that people believe. Let us help clear up some of our favorite misconceptions out there for you.

1. More megapixels does not mean better quality. The more megapixels allows you to crop, zoom, and print bigger posters.

2. More RAM does not mean better performance. A higher amount of RAM can hold more applications in the background when compared to a device with less RAM.

3. Turning off bluetooth and wifi on your phone do not extend your battery life. The latest phone has algorithms to maximize battery life.

4. More bars does…

Last week was CES and this year due to the pandemic we saw our first digital conference. Which meant everything was virtually through video conferencing. It was not just the format change that was different but the technology showcased was much different than years past.

Robotics stood out as a category that pushed the envelope in a new direction by the events of the past year. This shift comes because of the needs that have came up during the pandemic and lockdowns we experienced.

Some items that were intriguing were, Razer’s Project Hazel smart N95 mask, an LG refrigerator with…

Lately I have been getting more phone calls, texts, and e-mails from people asking for me. The scammers are becoming more sophisticated every day and using new ways to get to people. You can lower your risk by becoming a victim by following some of these tips to keep your data and accounts safe and secure.

  1. Remember that a company will never call you and ask for any account information
  2. Do not share any account information or verification unless you called the company.
  3. If you are pressured into sharing any personal information, just hang up and if they call back…

We have seen a lot of our technology trend revolve around what is going around these days with the pandemic. We have to understand with these technologies companies are coming ways to ensure the workforce is safer or everyone has the correct information from anywhere. Based on Gartner, these are the following trends that will pick up in 2021 and how it can be used.

  1. Internet of Behaviors (IoB) — refers to a concept that attempts to understand data gathered from users’ online activity from a behavioral psychology perspective. State Farm is using this with their discount program, by monitoring…

Web Development has gone through many changes over the years. The web designer used to spend hours in coding and having the right tools. With the advancements of technology and tools, many companies are looking on how to optimize this experience quickly and efficiently to their customers.

The web designer has a vast number of tools to select from. Nowadays most web designers do not have to write code. There are tools out there that you can actually create unique designs without the stress of coding. …

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives. Cultural change is one of the biggest business challenges we face in digital approaches. How we manage these barriers is how we will communicate and be more educated about differences.

This year we have faced a pandemic which has allowed us more time being at home. More time to learn more about our history and family history. One thing I took interest is learning about was others and how they dealt with adversity and change.

We all have faced this pandemic in different ways. My prayers and thoughts with everyone of you…

If you are like me, you have seen a heavy increase of traffic on your website. Each time someone visits your website they face the challenge of User Experience and chances if they have an issue, they will not come back to your website.

It is very important to understand your website better, by analyzing user behavior, human computer interaction, and context of usage that you use in your user experience and user interface strategy.

I would like to share some user flows that will help you improve your website experience and drive more traffic to your website. First off…

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