Avoid the Fraud!

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2 min readJan 11, 2021

Lately I have been getting more phone calls, texts, and e-mails from people asking for me. The scammers are becoming more sophisticated every day and using new ways to get to people. You can lower your risk by becoming a victim by following some of these tips to keep your data and accounts safe and secure.

  1. Remember that a company will never call you and ask for any account information
  2. Do not share any account information or verification unless you called the company.
  3. If you are pressured into sharing any personal information, just hang up and if they call back, do not pick up and block the number.
  4. Scammers can sound legitimate and sound like a friend, by looking up information you share on social media. Be careful what you share The caller ID can be faked to make it look like a number you know. Unless you initiated the call, be sure you know who is on the other side of the call.
  5. Do not respond to any of those unwanted text messages asking you for financial information, personal information, or click on links from people who do not know.
  6. Call your credit company immediately if you notice any unusual activity on any of your accounts.

As more cases of fraud rise, we have to be mindful of what we share with people. As more people are working from home, more fraud is on the rise. Be very careful please.

Keep your password and accounts secure by following these simple steps and reading some of our previous blogs.



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