Breaking Technology Myths

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2 min readJan 25, 2021


There are so many things with technology that people believe. Let us help clear up some of our favorite misconceptions out there for you.

1. More megapixels does not mean better quality. The more megapixels allows you to crop, zoom, and print bigger posters.

2. More RAM does not mean better performance. A higher amount of RAM can hold more applications in the background when compared to a device with less RAM.

3. Turning off bluetooth and wifi on your phone do not extend your battery life. The latest phone has algorithms to maximize battery life.

4. More bars does not mean better network coverage. The network bars only indicate the network strength and not its quality.

5. When installing antivirus programs, you are not 100% protected. This is always a challenge. There is always a new virus or bug that out there. It is best to keep your virus definitions up to date.

6. Incognito mode does not mean you are not being tracked. It just will not save history, web site data, and information stored.

7. All apps from the app store are not 100% safe. There are so many apps out there that people out there that allow for malware and viruses to be installed on your phone.

8. No app is free. You are paying for apps by viewing ads or seeing ads. They are tracking your activity and know about you more.

These are just a few of many we hear from all of you. Please be very careful what you read and hear.



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