COVID-19 Inspiration

We all have faced challenges during this pandemic. On the weekend of Memorial day weekend, I learned I was furloughed indefinitely. Just like many of you, I learned that this was a tough pill to swallow. I took a few days and took time think what am I going to do? How am I going to pay the bills? All these thoughts just made it even more stressful.

During the weekends, I was spending time with my wife’s family and helping them with their technical needs and it dawned on me. Why not make this passion, a dream business to help people that need assistance with technology.

The next few days, I spent working on thinking of what kind of services I could provide and who my target audience could be. I started building my website and thinking about what this means for making a brand.

I started talking to family and friends about my idea. They provided me feedback and their thoughts. This allowed me to tailor my message and how I wanted to build my messaging.

What I have learned in the last few weeks, you have to know that you have lots of skills and it’s how you use them. A lot of people can use them for good. We want to see the best for people.

Finding these skills require, you looking at your skill set. I looked at how I like to help people, work with supporting people that are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with technologies, and how to make people feel that they can understand things better. Since I was a professor and volunteer teacher before, I used these principles to feel connected to my future customers.

My family has always provided me strength and support in every situation I been in. No matter where I go they always back me up.

I hope you know that as I continue to grow in my life, I am always there for my family and friends.

Take care, stay safe and healthy




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