Safe Selling and Buying Your items Online

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2 min readFeb 1, 2021


We are in the age where we can do practically everything online or from our phones. My wife recently started to sell some items online that are no longer needed. She was very excited but did not know about the dangers of selling online. Here are some safety tips you can when posting and selling your items online.

Meet at a public place or even a police station: This adds a layer of security knowing someone else is there. Also, let someone else know you are selling something so they can keep an eye out for you.

Try the product. You want to ensure the product is in good working condition. If your seller is not interested, then the deal is not meant to be.

Bring backup with you. Always have someone with you. This adds another layer of safety and protection.

Bring the right amount of cash agreed upon purchase. Never carry more cash than needed. If doing an electronic transfer, then make sure you get the money and phone number.

If possible get a receipt. Now this is not always the case, but if it’s a new item, then at least you can return or exchange the item.

Never share information about you, if you have to, be very careful. Take time getting to know the person and see if you can research the person. Look at their profile, look up their name on White Pages, and see if they have a social media presence that makes you feel comfortable.

Ensure you are getting a timely response. Make sure the person is giving you details and concise answers to your questions. This allows you to build trust.

Trust your instincts. If the deal seems too good to be true, unfortunately it probably is. If anything the buyer or seller says raises a red flag, it’s better to trust that instinct and not go with the deal.

Keep safe, shop and buy safely!




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