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3 min readJan 9, 2023

As we embark on another year, another journey together. I am reminded of the analogy of software and life, we all live in a version type life. We always want to see changes, improvements, enhancements, and bugs fixed. As every version comes out, there are new challenges and changes, which is what we see in life. Every day we are faced with a new challenge, whether it be good or bad. We cannot foresee it, but as we keep working through it, we are reminded that we can only get better.

We keep looking for ways to make our lives better, we go on vacations, we see friends and family, we pick up a new activity, we learn a new skill, we keep making the best of life. The challenges we face in life are all different, but we all come together at some point and reflect on what we want to achieve and see. Hardship is part of our lives too, it is how we overcome them and move forward.

Ups and downs are part of our versions, we must find the positive and see what is working well, what is not working, what can we do better, this is how software is and how we should approach our lives. We always hear that we need to be the better version of ourselves, but what if we do not like something or someone tells you something, do you fix it or leave it? Most of the time you work on fixing it, if you leave something that is not working well, then it will cascade and make more bugs and issues come up.

Lots of good and bad things are happening in this world, and we cannot fix everything in a snap, but having an open and honest version of yourself is what leads you to a better person. We need to live in a world where we accept people for what they may not have or do better. We always have to have our learning hats on, even if change is not your thing. I was reminded of a story I was told when I was younger, there was this little boy who kept getting picked on and did nothing about it. As he grew up, he kept taking hits left and right from people. Finally, when he was older, he was in so much pain from all this that he started to help others going through the same thing. When he started doing good things, people started to respect him more.

Every action has a positive and negative action and reaction, not talking physics here, but simple life. Every consequence has its course in life, it’s how we handle these situations and move forward. I look back from moving, traveling, and just being isolated during Covid. I have always looked for ways to make a better world for others and myself. This version is not my last, but a work in improvement.

I am blessed to have you part of it and look forward to you sharing what we can do well together, what we can do better together, and what we will see in the next version. I am an open book and happy that you can be part of my life.

For it is not for today, not for tomorrow, but forever I remain near and far in your hearts and minds.

Take time for yourself and look at your version and ask what do you want your version to look like?

Here is to a new beginning of another page of this journey.

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