Web Development and the Changes

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2 min readDec 21, 2020

Web Development has gone through many changes over the years. The web designer used to spend hours in coding and having the right tools. With the advancements of technology and tools, many companies are looking on how to optimize this experience quickly and efficiently to their customers.

The web designer has a vast number of tools to select from. Nowadays most web designers do not have to write code. There are tools out there that you can actually create unique designs without the stress of coding. I will go into some of the tools that we have worked with and have encountered.

1. Wordpress — has thousands of themes to choose from and encompasses about 27% of the websites worldwide. The plugins provided allow the designer to build, customize, enhance, and optimize the site they are making.

2. InVision Studio — is a very unique tool that allows you to prototype and make the website live. The tool is very user friendly and has many options that other tools do not offer. You also can animate to provide a flow to your customers.

3. Adobe Photoshop — Now using this allows you total control and customization. But a lot more effort. Once you master the tool it allows you to move much faster and gives an eye appealing website.

4. Dreamweaver — another website that allows you to use your HTML skills and visual skills to make an eye appealing website. This is very good for beginners. Also allows you for more involved into the websites code.

Every website design tool has its own unique features. You have to choose what you are comfortable with.

Happy web designing!



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